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Back in the day, not too long ago, Fashion Weeks used to be private shows reserved for royalty and the aristocrats, while others were barred from attending. One would also have to wait anywhere between six months to a year to flaunt the latest sartorial trends. Fashion, as we know it, was not always accessible to everyone, nor was the gratification immediate for most fashion lovers. Fast forward to now, and the way people consume fashion has gone through a sea change, thanks mostly to digitisation and the vision that looking and feeling good is not confined to a chosen few. A market leader like Myntra has championed digital and technological advancement into the world of fashion in India, solving not just logistical problems of delivering fashion equitably but bringing down all walls of exclusivity and fashion elitism.  
  What takes the cake away is the amount of choice and access customers have now. You can browse through hundreds of high fashion brands, discover so many new ones that pop up every day and shop whatever you want and wherever you want it, across the country. On top of that  Hrdya  like Moda Rapido and Here & Now are taking Fast Fashion a step further, ensuring you are up-to-date with all the global trends within a matter of days. The freedom to mold your dressing style according to your choice and personality has never been this effortless. Today, it doesn’t matter whether someone is sitting in a metro city or a town with little physical access to brands. A Shristi from Patna, a Novi from Aizwal and countless others from far-flung areas are redefining the meaning of fashion in their lives. They have equal access to not just the top brands around the world, but also local niche brands, each one sitting side by side on their Myntra app or website. So, as the nation celebrates the 69th Republic Day tomorrow, Myntra also celebrates the democratization of fashion. Here’s to as vibrant a sense of fashion as is our democracy. Happy Republic Day, folks!
Fashion is more than just a pretty dress.” Nothing could be truer for Alia Bala from BHopal
Sonam Patel
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